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CleyOur haul from Norfolk in July wasn't as large as we'd hoped as the weather has been mixed. However we got in a dive on the Vera on the day our exhibition launched in the Salthouse show and Sam and Tony from Great Yarmouth bravely put up with Rob and freaky downpours on their boat so we have a couple of diving galleries.
We snuck in a dive before we were due to be 'artists' at the Salthouse Arts exhibition. No slugs but plenty of fish and the car park man is much more friendly now. He used to dive and built himself a hut while we were underwater.
Sea PallingSea Palling
Rob is very grateful to the Great Yarmouth club for taking him out on a changeable Saturday which included stinging rain, sunshine, lumpy seas and a leaky drysuit. Sam made the very best of the conditions and dived the Alice Taylor - another first for Seasearch. The crew tried for a second dive but the sea was getting up offshore and the inshore vis was minimal. Still the morning's dive yielded a good harvest of slugs!

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