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We spoke at UEA's Oceanography workshop weekend - a great weekend for divers - 8/2/15
The forest bed story is everywhere! In papers across the UK and the rest of the world - 26/1/15
Our BBC Inside Out Segment was on! Showing the forest bed - 26/1/15
We joined BBC Look East to talk about our Inside Out doc on the forest bed - 26/1/15
We joined BBC breakfast to talk about our Inside Out doc on the forest bed - 26/1/15
Consultation on the chalk reef MCZ opens about our Inside Out doc on the forest bed - _/1/15
Article about Norfolk Councillor who wants to dive the chalk reef - _/11/14
News topped up to make the page more exciting!
Rob joined Naked Scientists on the radio but they didn't do MCZs very well - 2/12/12
We followed our stint at The Mo with photos at Sheringham Little Theatre - 27/10/12
The Squirt Trek '12 survey was a success - with added Welshness! - 6/8/12
We've been filming with Countryfile for their summer special - 13/7/12
Unique Reef on show at the Norfolk Show with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust - 27/6/12
Talked on Norfolk Chalk and Seaweed East at the Porcupine Conference - 23/3/12
Attended the BPS Conference in Newcastle, talking about Seaweed East '11 - 4/1/12
Rob will be on the Olympus stand at Focus on Imaging Sunday 4th March - 24/2/12
October: We'll be part of COAST in Sheringham at the Little Theatre - 18/2/12
April onward : Back at the Mo museum in Sheringham - 8/2/12
'Britain's Great Reef' got 50% more viewers than usual for its slot! - 26/11/11
Norfolk dives lasted until late November! Little cuttlefish Facebook album - 20/11/11
The  Seasearch East Facebook group is stealing our news from here! - 10/11/11
The 'longer preview of Britain's Great Reef' is live - lots of our video! - 6/9/11
'short preview of Britain's Great Reef' is online - lots of presenter! - 6/9/11
BBC1 30 min special 'Britain's Great Reef' will air on Monday 10th Oct - 28/9/11
Rob stayed calm when Radio Norfolk got excited about basking sharks - 1/10/11
Norfolk made the cover and 4 pages of the MCS Magazine - 15/9/11
We (and the chalk reef) were centrefolds in the EADT - 10/9/11
Marine reserve proposals made local news - EDP online - 9/9/11
My 1st DPReview article - on camera weatherproofing - now online - 2/9/11
We've started a Seasearch East Facebook group - now online - 28/8/11
WEX review! The Kata Bumblebee a lightweight camera bag  - 23/8/11
Seaweed everywhere! Seaweed East on Facebook has links to TV and papers - 16/8/11
Our seaweed road trip - is live on Facebook Seaweed East as a sort of blog - 2/8/11
Another gallery Seasearch Course weekend July '11 now online - 22/7/11
Pictures! Norfolk underwater with the BBC now online - 22/7/11
WEX review! The Velbon Ultra REXi L clever, lightweight, full size tripod  - 16/6/11
Blu-Ray HD slide show added to our exhibition at the Mo in Sheringham - 22/7/11
WEX review! The Tamron 18-270mm superzoom for Nikon SLRs - 6/6/11
More new pictures! North Cornwall in May '11 now online - 20/6/11
New review! Olympus Tough TG810 outdoor camera now at WEX - 15/6/11
New review! Housing for the Olympus E-PL2 camera live at WEX - 16/6/11
New review! Housing for the Olympus XZ-1 camera live at WEX - 16/6/11
Our photos with a suspect Norfolk article in Sport Diver - 1/6/11
Hot off the press! Galleries from Norfolk in June '11 now online - 16/6/11
Hot off the press! Video from the Willowpool below gallery links - 16/6/11
Our exhibition opened at the Mo in Sheringham - 1/6/11
The 2010 Seasearch report is out! (North Norfolk chalk reef report here) - 27/5/11
Late but still timely! New galleries from Norfolk in '10 now online - 6/5/11
We've a short (2min) film in the Cromer and Sheringham Crab Festival - 1/5/11
Did we mention we have some Norfolk diving videos online ?   - 10/4/11
The North Norfolk chalk reef report is out now (Seasearch report soon!) - 10/3/11
Russian news!  In Vertum dive magazine covers the chalk reef! - 5/3/11
October: We'll be part of COAST in Cromer at Merchants' Place - 4/3/11
New review of the Olympus XZ-1 camera live at Warehouse Express - 24/2/11
August 2: An updated big screen show Forum in Norwich for Marine Week - 2/3/11
August 1: Showing at the NWT Cley visitor centre for Marine Week - 2/3/11
June: Our biggest exhibition yet at the Mo museum in Sheringham - 28/2/11
New review of the Olympus E-PL2 camera live at Warehouse Express - 10/2/11
BBC's Norfolk Online has some pictures from the Forum show - 15/11/10
Diver magazine has a good piece on the reef, with pictures in Feb Issue - 29/1/11
Review of the Nikon P7000 camera is online at Warehouse Express - 21/1/11
My review of the Cradlepoint portable hotspot is live at Warehouse Express - 18/1/11
Courses for 2011: Seasearch Observer 9/10th July and Fish ID 10th April - 7/1/11
Dive magazine had an article on the reef, no pictures! - 20/12/10
The reef even got onto Radio 4's Saving Species roundup of news - 30/11/10
Norfolk Chalk was still news in Sport Diver online, DiverNet and BBC Norfolk - 29/11/10
The Norfolk Chalk sneaked onto Radio Five Live - 26/11/10
Suddenly Norfolk Chalk was big news in the Mail, Telegraph, Metro and Times - 26/11/10
My review of the Canon G12 camera is live at Warehouse Express - 26/11/10
The EDP was full of marine goodness ahead of the Norfolk's Living Sea launch - 15/11/10
BBC's Norfolk Online has some pictures from the Forum show - 15/11/10
The Norfolk's Living Sea show is at the Forum in Norwich 15th-20th Novemeber - 5/11/10
Our Crystal sea slug was cover girl for EDP Sunday, we were inside too - 23/10/10
We're running 4 Marine workshops for NWT -  from West Runton to Winterton  - 26/10/10
North Norfolk News had us in as part of the pre CASAF publicity - 21/10/10
Ian Collins has put us in 'Watermarks', his book  about East Anglian artists - 8/10/10
We're planning a mega Seaweed survey of the East coast - funding sought! - 26/8/10
We'll be part of the Cromer and Sheringham Art Festival  in October - 20/8/10
My review of the Metz 48AF-1 flash is live at Warehouse Express - 18/8/10
Our first Norfolk gallery of the year is up and its a good one! - 26/7/10
We've pictures running in the EDP, Mondays 19/7 - 9/8 for Marine Week and NWT - 18/7/10
Norfolk Magazine will have us in their August issue - out 29th July! - 8/7/10
The North Norfolk Viz is back! See our guide to diving there - 27/6/10
Our project to map Norfolk Reefs is boosted by Fugro's donation of sonar - 21/6/10
Reviewed! PT-EP01 housing for Olympus Pen E-PL1 is live at Warehouse Express - 16/6/10
Our article on Choosing SLR lenses camera is up at Warehouse Express - 2/6/10
The Wildlife Trust's have copied our Secret Seas book for every North Sea county - 25/5/10
We've reviewed the clever Olympus E-PL1 Pen camera at Warehouse Express - 20/5/10
Our review of the wacky Camera Armor Solo drybag is online at Warehouse Express - 29/4/10
We're in the BBC's gallery to celebrate - Skomer reserve's 20th - 27/4/10
Our bryozoans won best macro in the Skomer Photo Competition - our 09 gallery - 23/4/10
We're in Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's magazine, leaflets and bookmarks!  - 20/4/10
We're in the Norfolk Coast Guardian - Norfolk Coast Partnership - 7/4/10
Rob will sit on the Net Gain MCZ Stakeholder Advisory Panel, representing the MCS - 7/4/10
Our review of the Lowepro Flipside 400  rucksack is online at Warehouse Express
Our review of the Sigma 105mm Macro lens is online at Warehouse Express
Our review of the Flashy Olympus FL-36R  is online at Warehouse Express
Rob will sit on the Boston Net Gain MCZ hub representing the MCS - 16/3/10
PADI support our call for divers to contact MCZs on two blogs 1(photos)  2 - 15/3/10
Please nominate and vote for your UK dives here - MCS  - 12/3/10
Rob will sit on the Lowestoft Net Gain MCZ hub representing the MCS - 10/3/10
Our review of the sexy Olympus EP-1  is online at Warehouse Express
Our review of the cool Panasonic LX3 is online at Warehouse Express
Our Mackerel are in the Wildlife Trust magazine Natural World - 20/2/10
Photos from Holland in May 09 have arrived at last - 30/1/10
North East galleries - The FarnesSt Abbs - 16/1/10
Norfolk photos - Sea PallingSheringham - 15/1/10
Norfolk photos - Ladybird dives & Vera & Rosalie - 15/1/10
We were sofa guests on Radio Suffolk this Thursday - 19th Nov
Our photos appeared in several papers Marine Act coverage - 12th Nov
Look East used our photos in their Marine Act coverage - 12th Nov
Norfolk pictures were shown as MCS launched Your Seas Your Voice
Rob's visit to Mid Norfolk NWT drew their record attendance
Photos from our trip to Skomer in July are online
Rob spoke at NWT's AGM, who were encouragingly marine aware
Dawn is the proud  owner of a cattery shaped piece of new concrete!
New Norfolk galleries up - Sheringham1 and 2, Cley1, and 2 & Weybourne
We've written a 2 part guide to underwater SLRs for Warehouse Express
Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Tern magazine has lots of Marine bits
Reviews of the latest Olympus SLR, case and strobe are on Warehouse Express
AsiaLife used a photo of our friend Caroline in an article on Rainbow Divers 
We've written a 4 part guide to underwater photography for Warehouse Express
Anglia News and BBC Look East had us on to explain ourselves! 28th Aug
Gasp! The pictures also got into The Sun and The Express
Radio Norfolk talked to us on Drive Time (1:45mins in) - 28th August
BBC Breakfast TV reviewed the Mail pictures  - 28th August
We have North Sea pictures in the Telegraph and Daily Mail
New Eastern galleries up - Sheringham1 and 2, Dunwich, Cley & Lowestoft
The Wildlife Trusts have our Norfolk Marine guide on their North Sea web site
We've made a new marine guide and DVD for NWT's Cley visitor centre
We've pictures running in the EDP, Mondays 27/7 - 31/8 for Marine Week and NWT
We're with NWT during Marine Week - at Cley, Gt Yarmouth and Sheringham
Rob is chuffed to have been asked to speak at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust's AGM
A small gallery from our dive in Babbacombe Bay in April has appeared!
We are reviewing for Warehouse Express see here or on our own kit page
Galleries from our Fish ID course and Shoresearch event are online
The National Trust used our photos in their Coast newsletter
Near or far? - Aldeburgh Library, can you tell which pictures are local?
Natural England are using lots of our photos for their campaigns
Dawn's cattery will move to Sibton - quite a story behind that!
Our article on cuttlefish in Holland is in UWP this issue
BSAC used some photos on their website -  not major, yet ;-)
We have boat dives planned for Norfolk and Suffolk this year
The final '08 gallery of Autumn diving in Norfolk is online
A colourful report on Eastern Seasearch in 2008 is here!
There's a Skomer Scallop Survey article, below the pictures!
More late pictures... from Kalimantan '08 - Indonesian Borneo
Photos from Holland in May have finally arrived
The last trip of the year -  Swanage is online now
Lots of pictures from our Scilly trip have been added!
We have Seasearch talks planned for 27th January and 8th May
Our second course for '09 is Seasearch Observer on 4/5th July
Our first course for '09 is Seasearch Fish ID for divers on 5th April
There's a new Skomer Scallop Survey gallery online - no slugs!
More Norfolk wreck diving galleries have been added!
Norfolk Salthouse and Survey weekend galleries have been added!
Photocourse information and materials are now available - Here!
Rob excited NWT expert contributors with his Hidden Treasures talk
The Vera and Rosalie wreck guides have been updated!
We freed a gill net and 200 crabs from the Vera
Our Seasearch Observer course ran in September
The Devon Striped blenny we saw last year is in the new MCS Quarterly
The Norfolk Tompot blenny we saw last year features in the latest Porcupine Journal
Our show at Exposure - our global collection ran 30th Aug - 23rd Sept
Natural England chose our photos for their marine panoramas and posters
Rob was interviewed again by North Norfolk Radio about 'bends' - he pointed out he was no expert
We have a column in the Autumn issue of  NWT's quarterly magazine Tern
We reprised our 'Secrets of Norfolk's Secret Sea talk in Kings Lynn on 4th August - apparently 'rave reviewed'! Part of NWT's Marine Week
Dawn was interviewed by EDP on NWT's Marine Week - and ran away with the piece!
Rob was interviewed by North Norfolk Radio about a lobster hatchery in Sheringham
We showed at Salthouse 08 Norfolk's premier contemporary art event!
For Sale We're still having a bit of a photographic clear out
We've won the Skomer Marine Nature Reserve photo competition - Woo Hoo! Our pictures from the Urchin Survey won and we're chuffed to bits
We were part of Fran Crowe's Walking to Save Some Sea at Languard Fort in Felixstowe. It drew over 1000 people and made the issue of ocean litter crystal clear.
We raved about local marine life for Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Wild about Sheringham